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you didnt invite me to your funeral
dont invite me to your wedding
you didnt invite me to your funeral
so im gonna be on time

no backflips and no somersaults
and im gonna toss
every invite that i come across
imma fight this shit like an underboss

some guilt there but it wont grow
heart broken? i dont know
you can ask me if im gone go but
i recommend that you dont tho

i dont care who’s gone be there. save that for a single man
imma sit here in my studio, elbow deep in a pringles can

instincts say RUN run from you
my brain so COMbustible
i dont even know ONE huxtable
i’d be so UNcomfortable

im not gone front front for you
no subterfuge
why i cant play bum bumbershoot
and im tryna write a dumb something new

this must be some kinda joke
saw that big dumb envelope
might have looked like maybe i was down
i had my foot on the ropes

when you brought it up i was blinking then
you thought i was down think again

got a limited time on earth
so what a side show worth
i’ll watch your slide show first
yeah im bogus im joe dirt

after all
lets play some tag or basketball
if its collared shirts and slacks involved
keep the dress code thats for yall

you aint come to mine
aint know you then
aint known you long
aint no new friends
yeah we all get it you go with him
you go with her
lets smoke some herb
lets order chicken and baked potatoes
smoke the weed
or play some halo
please oh please dont make me fake bro
i say all this cause i hate to say no


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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