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only your
corrollaries know yall
unique snowflakes in
ordinary snowballs

you can find me in the place sippin whats to sip
tween shrooms and touring im sure to take a bunch of trips
fuck that one guy who’s screen name was thuderlips
pelt him with a bag full of mequite flavored kruncher chips

bout to raise my vibration up
see me, say hi, wave try to say whats up
its all good in the hood, i think
i listened to the kinks
and my fridge dont stink

so today’s a pretty good day
doing what im supposed to do and saying what i should say
hooray, im not doing bad like i could bay
or regretting that i didnt grow my hair like toure’s?

i wanna show up in the
search results
service volkwagens
then cake up and purchase coats
them little thin ones is worthless folks
sad we never got to see the tweets
mr. perfect posts

its all white meat and baby fat
been woke so long i might need to take a nap
and im likely afraid of that
imma swipe me a high speed data map
or might be high speed beta max
cassette tape
show me your best resting death face
show me anything except for whoever makes the best vapes

cant even pretend to give a freak
submit this whole verse as an op ed to business week

i wrote a letter to the editor
i dont know if death certificate’s better than the predator
veteran cheddar getters know to do it togetherer
and thats way they make stuff foreverer and foreverer
everybody mama know the song
still wont let a brother dip a toe in lake woebegone

stuck in a traffic jam?
add me on snapstagram

if you was rich and about to be broke i can coach you
i can show you how to kill a roach with a boat shoe

might have to sell the dining room table tho
pay to go ham on some second-hand baby clothes
cut the cable bro
gamble on wireless
my sister sells jailbroken amazon firesticks

need somewhere to bark start with local governments
spar with republicans
the stars wont be punishing you, fool
your phone’s the new ark of the covenant
god spoke to you in a bar called mulligans

if there was justice all men would have to die
tweet at the void and heart the at replies

dont cry if you cant find me
i built a time machine to go hide in the 90s
no friends i only want giants beside me
to get close you gotta be the the size of a pine tree

my supervillain name would be ultra hater
i’d act hella cool then insult you later

here’s something you should know from the ground floor
as far as rappers none us as cool as we sound, bro
dog im fatigued
the world’s moving all different speeds
this song’s too long didnt read


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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