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My Auntie's Building

from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle



blew up my auntie’s building
put out her great grandchildren
who else in america
deserves to have that feeling
where else in america
do they blow up yo village
dont knock me down
dont knock me down
i beg you im just chilling
i’ll fight you all im willing
just show me who’s that villain
i dont see one
i cant find nobody
chicago or benghazi
a high rise without no lobby
run up stairwells like rocky
cause these elevators so sloppy
stop me now if im lyin
but i dont need your buy in
cause i heard a hundred sirens
my attention’s undivided
i was in there, she lived there
she raised a few of her kids there
no lobby
no swimming pool
no need in buying no swimwear
got memories from in high chairs
i stayed quiet like ice bear
they say america fights fair
but they wont demolish your timeshare
blew up my auntie’s building
put out her great grandchildren
that building cost 10 million
now an empty lot not filled in
it was people there and kids there
and drug dealers and church folk
hit that shit with a wrecking ball so hard
thought the whole earth broke
all them people dispersed tho
federal to commercial
state demolished my circle
i guess everywhere is my turf tho

thats the sound of them tearing my body down


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017


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Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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