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Legendary Iron Hood

from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle



black tom got style, eric can pull shit
gotta brother named charles that be on that bullshit
i protect my neck with some magical jewels and
none of yall can take em from me

in cortez cause i feel like fabian
my fit got a head like the dome of a stadium
yall think its all good but its a really a gradient
bag of now and laters and a clilly canadian

dont turn away from me, look in my eyeholes
my brother got heart but he running with psychos
he got a whole gang with him hella disciples
they always tryna fight tho but i stay cool
i cant lose no argument i got my jewels
i keep my head down pushing like im walking to school
i hold em tight like infinity gems
police men looking at me like im finna be him

my daddy is a hard man, my mother’s a ghost
i keep my head covered or my brother will roast
yall fucking with my head, thoughts tougher than jokes
i ran hard, my footprints covered the coast
i be running through walls cause im buffer than most
a nightcrawler tried to creep i smell suckers approach
he see im all charged he get what he provokes
the homie tom got powers so im tugging his cloak

im big as hell i cant fit in my fit
my sleeves ripped
im a king so my rings is legit
i bring shit to your front door
ringing your bell
my eyes glow in my hood
like a demon from hell
my old self locked away
no key to the cell
they shooting spells to my head its
up to me to repel

aint nothing gonna stop me now

my big dumb brain’s an electrical ocean
started walking now my legs in perpetual motion
cant stop cant stop man im not just boasting
i had to, cause home’s overrun by roaches
i got swole cause i wanted revenge
my brother charles got hurt when were playing pretend
started walking right then, just me and the wind
that asshole better hope i never see him again


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017
01 “Legendary Iron Hood”
Written by Open Mike Eagle
Produced by: Exile
Mixed and Mastered by Daddy Kev


all rights reserved



Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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