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Dont lie to me
they get exposed so violently the pain in the soul won’t go quietly
do whatever you want just be straight
show and prove, tell the truth as a whole and don’t wait
Be straight with me
I know its hard and you hate to be confrontational
The information flows gracefully if you let it
I can’t loan from memory banks with no credit
Let it go, don’t edit
I can take it
the only real truth is butt naked
and I know when you faking
maybe them others was impatient
But I’m telling you to trust I can take it
Trust is so sacred
We need a solid foundation of openness
with no hesitation
Just talk to me
I’m here just talk to me
Give it to me straight just talk to me

You know what I mean
You aint gotta say it like that though
It’s ‘bout being real and not being an asshole
We can keep real without being so rude though
We all hella grown and you know when its too cold
Say it all harsh and the damage is two-fold
Spoon full of sugar makes the medicine smooth though
I’m saying though, you aint gotta say it like that though
You can be true and still come off tactful
Is that so hard?
I aint asking for too much
Beat me in the head with the shit like its nunchucks
I aint saying cover, just butter the truth up
You know I’m sensitive and you came to me too tough

You know what, fuck it, just lie
You aint gotta say shit, fuck it just lie
don’t say shit just hide
just fake it just lie
I said it but I changed my mutherfuckin mind
just lie


from Hella Personal Film Festival, released March 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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