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Hymnal (feat. Sammus)

from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle



to thine own self be felt tip
hip as a belt clip
with a helmet fit for helpless feels if you can help it
reassess the unarmed
leave refreshed and unharmed
bring milk and honey to the funny farm
see the rest become charmed dumb
an apple a day what apple sellers say
i was brought into this world with the instinct to back the hell away
and the will to write a rap song as long as an alaskan day
the fight to balance those two feels is a personal passion play
but so what
flying fucks is thrown at rolling donuts
my feet is cold but so what cause im bold enough to show up ha
whats the hold upside down ketchup bottle speed
uncoordinated running with pigeon toes and nobby knees
god dammit folks will follow me
bucket of random body parts
master of the sloppy arts like kindergartners trying to be done
big dumb dummy trying to fly to the sun
im dried out but look what i have become

sing it like a church song
like an old time prayer from a dead man written on a notebook
draw it with an ink pen
like it doesnt even matter if it go goddammit its the first time
make it like a mistake
sing it like a church song
written when the shit wasnt going right
sing it like it dont hurt
like it cant break
like its this big

i aint no chili pepper
i aint got mama’s gun
i aint in evanescence
i aint in all for one
i got a dumb agenda
cant even make a plan
if you remember the moment come here and shake my hand

I'd rather be hiding alone like some ewoks
Up in treetops
Creeping around like I'm T-Boz
Steeping the grounds in my teapots
But I'm Steve Jobs
On my Apple updating my e-shops
Eat an apple a day, take a brief pause
Take a nap lie awake in between sobs
Then I rap and I pray and the grief stops
My ego take cheap shots
Can't believe how she speak to me 
She talks like it's neat pushing buttons like key fobs
Well good day bish I'm writing, this beat knocks
Trying to pen classics like Reeboks
Or Greek thoughts or a Fleet Fox
And teach a good message like Aesop's
That stick to my skin just like grease spots

To forget all the things that my dreams cost
Yeah I'm getting my kicks fuck some clean socks
Ice cold -- we living like freeze-pops
Cuz I'm gonna take licks while I defrost
Divest from your demons and weak stocks
And invest in your team 'til your scene hops
It might mean wearing jeans 'til the seam pops
But don't wait like Dre did with Detox
No hate -- hinder me, I will clean clocks
Like today I can't play I don't give fucks
I won't change what I say take your screenshots
Yeah I'm just being me, that's what she wants
And this might seem weird cuz a dream stops
when you wake up, but for the sake of finding peace
No sleep on your dream job
Now please go be who you dream of


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017


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Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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