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Daydreaming In The Projects

from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle



so dont be mad at me
i used to breathe asthmatically
no strategy for whenever brain
gets going counting the stars through the growing pains
foot the bill take a sugar pill
over the counter drugs the ones niggas couldnt feel
like the wooden wheel
ben switched the island with
long hair
head high like a lion sit
yeah im trying to get it
but where did it go
its under 10 inches of the lake effect snow
but imma do whatever it takes so lets go
lets go to the projects lets go to the moon
shout to aes rock for calling out my spoons
shout to hip hoppers i met in high school
yall saved my life thursday after

this goes out to the ghetto children
solving problems
in the projects around the world
ghetto children fighting dragons
in the projects around the world

dont overlook it tho
you gotta know what you shouldnt know
yeah im good to gone head scrutinize
put your gloves on and dig for a new surprise
it might be supersized use all your muscles
get in front of the groove just like a hustle improve
fight or scuffle stay sharp for the moment
i rhyme for the survival so the art is a bonus
i was sparked into motion back when carson was hosting
everything is better when you dont know nothing
im grown so im always disgusted
all these discussions online is mayonnaise vs mustard
mayonnaise people think french cant be trusted
mustard people think eggs is all busted
but fuck it
we in it for the pattern interruptions

ghetto children hacking networks
in the projects around the world
this goes out to the ghetto children
splicing cables
in the projects around the world

dont be mad at me
i overthink things radically
king tragedy
prince everlong
never shake up my 8ball cause its never wrong
i sing whatever song i damn well please
vintage 5deez or tempted by squeeze
my dispensary’s closed and i meant to buy weed
im salty at the airport in security
tragic is the story of the cookie face king
long black coat on the roof like sting
pointing bats at my enemies let it be known
pull up at the show hitting every orange cone
i park where i want but i cry if im towed
i dont really know where its right to buy clothes
unregulated labor made all that i own
can i make an impact if i strike the right tone
and keep saying words into microphones
it goes

this goes out to the ghetto children
making code words
in the projects around the world


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017


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Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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