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ghetto in the way i drank
uncle uncle my ship sank

ghetto in the way i think
hide my troubles my shit dont stink

ghetto in the way i move
watch me groove sing this blues

little bit of ghetto in the way i talk

my aunties still give the god the glory
shot by the book depository
never heard one of grandfather’s story
permanent sadness constant mourning

22 grandkids one apartment
turn the stove on cause we done with darkness
social workers dont want sons with fathers
when they visit people bite they tongue the hardest

magnet programs baccalaureate
illinois texas californian
half a hand drum half accordian
eagle phoenix dragon scorpion

native american merovingian
made of black bones and rare obsidian

10 feet tall not scared of anymen

might blow up but will not go flat
they do not know jack
they try to ask the kettle why the pot so black
maybe little in the middle but i got yo back

secret buried in america
wrote it all down just to tear it up
what if there’s a god but its scared of us
what if there’s a god but its scared of us

so they pairing up
they just sit there and stare at us
what if there’s a god but they scared of us
what if there’s a god but they scared of us

my mama’s nose
my daddy’s eyes
accent that i
dont recognize
im extra fly
im extra big
i did everything
i musta did
im just a kid
im hella old
i collect my blood in a jello mold
forever fold
to the nth dimension
too cool
too cool
in school suspension
im late for work
cause i stayed awake
didnt go to church
but they made a plate
dont say a word
when they debate
whether god exists
whether masons pray to an obelisk
cause i got the gist
the unlocked abyss
where the knowledge is
i seen the angles
they compliment
subatomic particles do not commit


from Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, released September 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles, California

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